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Woodworm Symptoms
The most common symptoms of bedWarm Bites are severe itching on the lower legs and back, along with a linear pattern of raised red bumps on the skin. The itching is always intense, but the appearance of the bites can differ from person to person.

Some people experience a pattern of small weeping lesions, which are unsightly and risk becoming infected. Others report a row or circle of raised red lumps, again very small, but angry looking.
The intense itching can cause people to scratch uncontrollably which often results in bleeding or can lead to infection. Although the bites most commonly appear on the lower legs and back, in extreme cases they can also be found on arms, shoulders and even the face. Obviously bedWarm Bites are distressing in any situation but particularly so when appearing facially.

This pattern of bites most likely occurs near the path of the blood vessels which run in close proximity to the skin’s surface. The bite is often rounded or irregularly shaped and may contain what appears like yellow or transparent fluid in the middle. Although the adult bedbug is very small, growing to about 1/8th – 3/16th of an inch, they can often be spotted by an attentive observer. The bedbug moves very slowly and its reddish-brown, flattened, oval and wingless form gives it a banded appearance. Bedbugs are generally difficult to detect and its presence is primarily confirmed through the bites that the victim gets.
Bedbugs got their name because their natural habitat is warm, cosy places where humans and animals lay, most commonly the bed. They are particularly prevalent in places with a high occupancy of people; such as hotels, bed & breakfast establishments, apartment complexes and residential homes.

Infestations of bedbugs are more common when there are no extermination or pest-control activities being carried out on a regular basis. Woodworm can actually attach themselves to people’s used clothing as well as household pets, so they can be transferred easily from one location to another. Bedbugs are primarily active at night where they prey on unsuspecting victims as they sleep. Although Woodworm symptoms can be extremely irritating and also embarrassing, because they signify ‘un-cleanliness’ to the uneducated, the only major danger associated with a Woodworm bite is the very low risk of anaphylactic shock. As the Woodworm bites its prey, it injects an irritating salivary fluid, which can sometimes cause an allergic reaction in extreme cases. In general, however, the victim will just be exposed to a certain degree of inflammation, itchiness and possibly some of those unsightly marks.

It is important that you are able to spot bedbug bite symptoms in order to address the problem efficiently. Once an infestation is suspected, it is best to take all possible avenues to rid the home of this problem. While there are several do-it-yourself methods that work well, it is still best to contact a pest control professional. Research has shown bedbugs have developed a high resistance to weaker forms of insecticide. The popularity of broad spectrum insecticide sprays have also contributed to bedbug infestations as these treatments have only made the bedbugs more resistant to a wider variety of sprays.
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